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Turkey in Nogada {Creamy Walnut Sauce} ~ A Mexican Thanksgiving

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Turkey in Nogada

The Nogada {creamy walnut sauce} takes about 10 minutes to make. It’s super fast and easy and you can serve it on any turkey no matter how you cook it. If you just want the Nogada recipe, with the toppings, scroll down to skip ahead. 

Turkey in Nogada {Creamy Walnut Sauce}

Traditionally, the Nogada sauce is served drizzled on top of a stuffed poblano pepper. This patriotic dish was invented in Puebla, Mexico around the time of the Mexican revolution and it was named: “Chiles en Nogada“. These chiles are traditionally served around September 16th, in honor of Mexican Independence Day. Allow me to describe the dish for you: Roasted poblano peppers are seeded and stuffed with chopped pork and beef cooked with spices and dried fruits. Once stuffed, the pepper is dipped in flour then egg white foam, and deep fried. The stuffed fried pepper is then served smothered in the Nogada {walnut sauce}, and topped with pomegranate seeds and parsley. The dish then ends up bearing the Mexican flag colors: green, white and red. So what does this patriotic Mexican dish have anything to do with Thanksgiving? Well, nothing, until now… Read the rest of this entry


{Dairy-Free or Not} Mexican Hot Chocolate – With Spice!

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Highlighting Spices: Cinnamon & Chipotle pepper


Chocolate Caliente {Mexican Hot Chocolate, with a kick}

Last weekend I had the kitchen all to myself. Mr. Wonderful was out of town and I had the whole day to get the kitchen messy and no one to stare me down about it ;-). Don’t get me wrong, I was a little sad that he wasn’t there to share this delicious treat with me. That Saturday morning was cold and dreary and the only thing that made it better was this Mexican hot chocolate, which I adapted to my dietary needs and made Dairy-Free! I’m not a vegan or anything I just don’t drink regular milk anymore, and since this traditional drink calls for milk, I used almond instead. Feel free to use any milk that suits your fancy, it won’t matter as long as the milk is unsweetened. This weather makes me want to crawl up under a blanket and watch old movies all day while sipping on some chocolate con leche caliente… mmmmm Read the rest of this entry

The Secrets of Stir-Frying

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Wok'n Roll

Wok’n Roll (Photo credit: Another Pint Please…)

This is an intro to a very helpful post I stumbled upon and wanted to share with you all. Check back weekly for other recipes and cooking tips!

I’ve been doing a lot of reading about the time savings and health benefits of stir-frying and I have to say that I never thought I would own a wok until now!

Not only is it easier to sear meat and get your veggies to a crunchy stage without overcooking them, but cooking on a wok is also much faster than cooking on a regular frying pan. I have a small kitchen so the decision to buy a wok wasn’t easy. But after I read this helpful post on The, I decided to give it a try. I was also pleased to discover that you actually use less oil when you stir-fry as the wok becomes more stick resistant over time! I know, this is probably not news to you my cultured and well-fed reader. However, I’m so excited about stir-frying that I’m actually considering adapting some of my traditional Mexican recipes to the wok. Now there’s an idea…
For more information on how to score a proper wok check out this great post on The “How to Buy and Season a New Wok“.

~ Fry on!


What To Do With Those End-of-Summer Garden Leftovers

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Oh summer, we left you behind and now we’re one step closer to dreadful winter. Thankfully we still have fall, which is a wonderful season. Especially here in my own little corner of the midwest, where the tree leaves turn shades of fiery red and burnt orange. That’s right, it’s harvest season! What a great thing to look forward to. Many of us took great pleasure in the extended summer weather we had this year, well into October. These warm fall days have allowed us extra time to enjoy our fresh veggies and herbs from the garden. Which I have been busy drying, freezing, and just consuming in large doses before the first frost comes. Read the rest of this entry

Fresh Basil Makes Pesto!

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Ingredients for Pesto

Let’s get right to it… You have a ton of leftover or extra basil from your harvest this summer and need a way to use it all before the first frost. Well lucky for you pesto is easy to make, delicious and goes well with anything from pasta, to crackers and fish or even chicken. My mom shared this recipe with me after I complained to her about having “too much” fresh basil…like that’s a real problem. Anyway, that’s when she volunteered this fantastic quick and easy recipe for pesto!

Yum Yum folks! Read the rest of this entry