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Turkey in Nogada {Creamy Walnut Sauce} ~ A Mexican Thanksgiving

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Turkey in Nogada

The Nogada {creamy walnut sauce} takes about 10 minutes to make. It’s super fast and easy and you can serve it on any turkey no matter how you cook it. If you just want the Nogada recipe, with the toppings, scroll down to skip ahead. 

Turkey in Nogada {Creamy Walnut Sauce}

Traditionally, the Nogada sauce is served drizzled on top of a stuffed poblano pepper. This patriotic dish was invented in Puebla, Mexico around the time of the Mexican revolution and it was named: “Chiles en Nogada“. These chiles are traditionally served around September 16th, in honor of Mexican Independence Day. Allow me to describe the dish for you: Roasted poblano peppers are seeded and stuffed with chopped pork and beef cooked with spices and dried fruits. Once stuffed, the pepper is dipped in flour then egg white foam, and deep fried. The stuffed fried pepper is then served smothered in the Nogada {walnut sauce}, and topped with pomegranate seeds and parsley. The dish then ends up bearing the Mexican flag colors: green, white and red. So what does this patriotic Mexican dish have anything to do with Thanksgiving? Well, nothing, until now… Read the rest of this entry