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Cornflake Marshmallow & Peanut Butter Treats – {Post-Holiday Recipe}

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So what if the holidays have passed and Christmas is behind us. Doesn’t mean we can’t have a little bit of joy to spread around and help lift our spirits amid this frigid weather. These little marshmallow cornflake treats are very simple to make and delicious. And don’t worry about the calories, take them to work or school, these Joyflakes are meant to be shared! Read the rest of this entry


{Dairy-Free or Not} Mexican Hot Chocolate – With Spice!

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Highlighting Spices: Cinnamon & Chipotle pepper


Chocolate Caliente {Mexican Hot Chocolate, with a kick}

Last weekend I had the kitchen all to myself. Mr. Wonderful was out of town and I had the whole day to get the kitchen messy and no one to stare me down about it ;-). Don’t get me wrong, I was a little sad that he wasn’t there to share this delicious treat with me. That Saturday morning was cold and dreary and the only thing that made it better was this Mexican hot chocolate, which I adapted to my dietary needs and made Dairy-Free! I’m not a vegan or anything I just don’t drink regular milk anymore, and since this traditional drink calls for milk, I used almond instead. Feel free to use any milk that suits your fancy, it won’t matter as long as the milk is unsweetened. This weather makes me want to crawl up under a blanket and watch old movies all day while sipping on some chocolate con leche caliente… mmmmm Read the rest of this entry

The Most Amazingly-Moist Easy-to-Make Gingerbread with Lemon Icing

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Last weekend I had the pleasure of sharing a delicious meal with some new and old friends. I was warned ahead of time that the gracious host, Sarah, is quite talented in the kitchen. Of course as the curious foodie that I am, I had to see/taste this for myself… After filling my belly with Sarah’s magnificent arugula salad with a pear-infused vinaigrette followed by a classic spaghetti and meat sauce, which is better than what I’ve tried in most restaurants, I can honestly say I’ll be back!

But my favorite part of the evening was when she pulled out this decadent sticky gingerbread topped with a lemon glaze, or maybe the correct term would be icing, but you could call it “goop” for all I care and it wouldn’t matter because it was delicious! The bread was moist, slightly sticky, and had just the right amount of ginger without being overwhelming. Plus it went perfectly with the sweet and tangy lemon icing… It was deeelish! So I decided to make it and share with my toughest critics (ahem), we’ll leave their names out of this.

Most amazing-moist-easy-to-make gingerbread

Most amazingly-moist-easy-to-make gingerbread

Read the rest of this entry