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Fresh Basil Makes Pesto!

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Ingredients for Pesto

Let’s get right to it… You have a ton of leftover or extra basil from your harvest this summer and need a way to use it all before the first frost. Well lucky for you pesto is easy to make, delicious and goes well with anything from pasta, to crackers and fish or even chicken. My mom shared this recipe with me after I complained to her about having “too much” fresh basil…like that’s a real problem. Anyway, that’s when she volunteered this fantastic quick and easy recipe for pesto!

Yum Yum folks!





– 2 cups of fresh basil leaves, rinsed

– 1/4 Cup Pine nuts

– 2 Garlic cloves, crushed

– 1 Cup extra virgin olive oil

– 2 TBSP Lemon juice

– Salt and Pepper to taste

– Freshly grated Romano or Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese


Fresh basil


1. BLEND the basil leaves, pine nuts, garlic and extra virgin olive oil in a food processor or blender until all the ingredients are finely chopped.

2. ADD the lemon juice, salt and pepper and blend some more to mix well.

3. TASTE to make sure you added enough salt and pepper.

4. SPRINKLE on top with freshly grated romano or pamigiano cheese. You could also mix the cheese in with the rest of the ingredients.


1. TOSS 1 cup of cooked pasta with 2 – 3 TBSP of pesto in a hot skillet drizzled with a tiny spit of olive oil.

2. SPRINKLE with freshly grated romano cheese. Serve immediately.


Pasta with pesto


– Serve with crackers or chips as an appetizer.

– Add to any sandwich, instead of mayo.

– Serve on chicken or fish.

– Too much pesto? Freeze it and when you’re ready to use add a 1/4 cup of extra virgin olive oil as you heat it.


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