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How To Roast A Pepper – The Mexican Way!

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To char–which basically means roast heavily–a Poblano or any other type of fresh pepper:

Roasting fresh peppers

Roasting fresh peppers

1. Place the pepper over a gas flame (if you have an electric range use a skillet or your oven’s broiler).

2. Cook until the pepper is blackened on all sides (see picture above). If you’re using the stove top gas flame, make sure you turn the pepper with a pair of steel tongs. Keep rotating it until it’s charred on all sides.

You’ll love the scent!

Save any un-used roasted peppers in a plastic sandwich bag, seal tight and refrigerate for up to one week. Or you can do what I do and freeze the roasted peppers so they will be ready to go next time you make salsa or any recipe that requires them!

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